About us…

Maroš Stanko
Maroš Stankoguitar, singer, song writer, composer
I love books, mostly non-fiction
(archeology- ancient times) and poetry.
When I travel I often use french language.
In my life I try to avoid human ignorance
and I hate cupidity.
Kamila Ambrózy – Kami
Kamila Ambrózy – Kamisinger
I am an english teacher at secondary
grammar school. I love dancing and singing.
I like musicals and travelling. I spend my
free time with my children.
Peter „ Golo“ Gondkovský
Peter „ Golo“ Gondkovskýdrums
I am the one who takes very important place
in our band as a technician and
an entertainer. I am married and I have
three daughters Janka, Marianna,
Monika and I have one grandchild Roman as well.

Tomáš Vojtanek
Tomáš Vojtanekkeyboard, singer
I am a former teacher of Art School.
My hobbies are travelling and sport.
I am happilly married and I have
three children Dušan, Daniela a Jakub.
Gregor Chalupecký
Gregor Chalupeckýbass guitar, singer
I study at conservatory in Košice.
My hobbies are
snowboard, riding a motorbike and travelling.
I can speak english and french.
Stanislava Hricová
Stanislava Hricovásinger
I am studing at university at the moment.
My hobby is art. I can play the piano and
I would like to play the violin.
I can speak english fluently.